netperf is a network performance measurement tool ( It relies on two programs running on separate computers:

The netperf client's commands tell netserver to send or receive streams of data between the two devices and then measures the data transfer rates between them.

Abuse Policy

Bandwidth for the netperf-* servers is donated by individual users and is not sponsored by any big-pocket company, so please use deliberately.

This server is open to individuals for occasional network performance tests and network researchers who need a stable system for testing network protocols and implementations. We reserve the right to block access if we detect sustained over-use. If you would like to use this server frequently, please contact us through the About page.

Recent netserver activity

This server hosts a netserver that is publicly accessible. It's open to anyone to use, so it may be heavily loaded from time to time. It also has limited bandwidth to certain parts of the Internet (see the About page for details.) This page shows the current and recent load.

The stats below show the netserver process activity, summarized from the creation dates of the 'netserver.debug*' files in /tmp.

Last Minute: 0 accesses
Last 5 Minutes: 96 accesses
Last 15 Minutes: 133 accesses
Last Hour: 278 accesses
Last Day: 6346 accesses
Last Week: 29123 accesses
Elapsed Time: 795 msec
Load Avg-1min: 0.04
Load Avg-5min: 0.20
Load Avg-15min: 0.20